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The Bait Shop

Fishstalkerz is your one-stop-shop for all things fishing in beautiful Dunedin, Florida. Our captains and staff are made up of expert fisherman with the local knowledge to get you hooked up on your next big fish. We offer a variety of live and frozen bait, a large selection of artificial lures and tackle, and all the fishing accessories you need.  Make sure your next fishing trip is a success and stop by Fishstalkerz today!


Mon-Thurs: 6AM-6PM

         Friday: 6AM-8PM

   Saturday: 5AM-8PM

      Sunday: 5AM-6PM

Live Bait

Shrimp, Pinfish, Grunts, Fiddler Crabs, Pass Crabs, Mud Minnows and more!

Frozen Bait

Shrimp, Squid, Chum, Mullet, Ladyfish, Thread Herring, Menhaden, Northern Mack, Ballyhoo, Bonita and more!

Rods & Reels

Penn, Shimano, Diawa, Tsunami, Red Lion Rods and many more!

Terminal Tackle

Hooks, Weights, Ready Rigs, Floats, Line, Leader


Lures, Popping Corks, Soft Plastics, Jigs and more!

Fishing Accesories

Pliers, Rulers, Buckets, Nets, Bubblers, and much more!

UPF Shirts, Hats, Gaiters and more!

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